Floxels? What are Floxels?

Floxels are cute, but not very smart. They live in a maze, and their hobbies are hanging around in gangs, and converting other Floxels to their colour.

Why not take command of a group of Floxels? You can use your quick reflexes and devious tactics to lead them to victory.

Or you can just sit back and watch them try to fend for themselves. It's fun either way!

How to play

Click and hold to summon your Floxels. Let go to release them wherever you like in the maze.

You can call your Floxels into the bubble for safety, or drag the bubble in front of them so they chase after it.

Big groups of Floxels are bright and strong. Small groups are dark and weak. Strong Floxels will convert weaker ones to their own colour. Try to convert all of the Floxels to your colour.

Talk to your Floxels to encourage them. (I'm sure they can hear you.)


Version 1.0: Released!


Floxels.zip 43 MB
Floxels.jar 6 MB

Install instructions

If the web version of the game doesn't work properly (there may be no sound in some browsers) then download one of the files below.

Windows: Download and unpack the 'zip' file, and double-click the 'Floxels.exe' executable. (Or download the JAR as below.)

OSX/Linux/Windows: Download and double-click the executable JAR file. You might need to install Java first.

Also available on


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haha i used to play this on my old little phone, nice memories