Venture forth!

Explore dungeons, solve puzzles, fight monsters, be a hero!

This epic isometric adventure is brought to life in an ultra-low resolution of 40-by-30 pixels and 16 colours.

The game currently features five challenging, Zelda-esque dungeons. More will be added over time.

How to play

(In a browser, you may need to click on the game screen above before it will respond to key presses.)

Explore the land to find dungeons.

In a dungeon, use Q,K,S,P to walk around, and Space to fire your crossbow. Alternative movement controls are W,A,S,D, or I,O,K,L, or T,Y,G,H, or the cursor keys. Alternative fire keys are Control, Shift, Enter, M, N, C, X, or Z.

You can use the ESC key to quit a dungeon if you get stuck. Progress will be saved automatically.

For help, see the walkthrough.


Version 5.0: Released!


Download 43 MB
MiniQuests.jar 7 MB

Install instructions

If the web version of the game doesn't work properly (there may be no sound in some browsers) then download one of the files below.

Windows: Download and unpack the 'zip' file, and double-click the 'MiniQuests.exe' executable. (Or download the JAR as below.)

OSX/Linux/Windows: Download and double-click the executable JAR file. You might need to install Java first.

Also available on

Development log


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Great mini game!

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my eyes hurt....